I am not really good in writing a welcome article or post for my blog but I think it’s not really a bad starting anyway.

I am glad to welcome you to my platform, if you know me before, then you will know what my interests are and what I will be sharing with you on this blog but as for those who just stumbled on this article then I need some introduction to make.

I am Francis Vincent (Donvin), the Editor of this blog and owner of the popular Nigerian entertainment blog “Naijabadoo” and I have been blogging for the past 4 years. Oh! 2 years as a blog researcher and full time noob, I don’t know a thing about blogging as at then.

Two years ago, I finally settle down with blogging and internet which has yield tremendous result within the year.

Why Am I Blogging?

I don’t even know how to answer that question because I just know I started blogging or researching on how to blog all because I also want to have a website. I had a friend who is a Choreographer and he has a website design with Spruz and I also want to have mine. That is what led me to “How to design a website” search on Google but before then I have been searching for how to make money online which has never been successful before I got the passion of owning my own website.

After a year of designing different blogs that I can’t even remember their names and link again, I quitted it because I was occupied with ebooks and some money making formulas by the Nigerian Gurus. In my readings, I found out I can make money through blogging and adsense and that’s how I pick blogging up again.

Why Donvin As a Name?

Many people has been asking if Donvin is really my name or just some nickname because the name is found on some of my official documents and this caused a lot of confusions.

Actually, Donvin is just a nickname which I can’t remember its inception anymore. Since my name is Vincent, my friends just pick the first three letters “vin” and insert the “Donv” at the front and ended up calling me Donvin.

This has been a name everybody knows me with, a name I cant change again

What To Expect From This Blog?

I will urge you to kindly bookmark my blog as I will devote my time in giving you the best articles on how to Make Money Online in Nigeria through the means I know such as Bitcoin Cash, Free Ebooks, Working and Paying Referral programs that will pay directly to your bank account in Nigeria, Free softwares that will help you in your internet marketing and in your blogging and others, free bloggers blog template designed or edited by me, free Websites and blog traffic secret revelation now and then, my own lifestyle update which I tagged “My Diary” (Don’t miss any of this).

I hope you will stay tune, bookmark, come back and read my blog post as I drop them, meanwhile you can subscribe to my updates by filling the form by the sidebar.

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What do you think about my new blog? Review every part and comment below. Thanks

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