Winthrills is an advertising platform that provides advertising services to their members and customers. Advertising services like Classified Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Solo Ads and Network Ads.

According to Whois Information, the domain was created on 12th December, 2013 which is almost a year now.

Winthrills unlike other advertisement company uses their members to promote the adverts created by advertisers on social media platforms and pay the publishers in return.

But there is this question I have been receiving in my inbox recently if Winthrills is Legit or Scam?

According to Scam Advisers, the site has a low trust rating and therefore it may not be safe to use. This is because their Domain Whois Public information is on private and Scam Advisers believes since you can’t get the registrar information from Whois, then it might be unsafe for users.

According to Me, Winthrills is real and they are paying since I joined them but before you rush and join the site, there are some facts you need to know.

You can only make money on Winthrills via their referral programs and this is done by registering and upgrade your WIN account to Premium with N3,000 (Three Thousands Naira only) after which you can use your referral link which looks like this ( to refer people to the website. Once your referral or prospect register and also pay N3,000 to upgrade, N1000 will be credited to your WINTHRILLS account and you can withdraw this when you’ve gotten up to N3,000.


If what you want to hear is the truth, I will like to tell you that Winthrills social media promotion aint working at all and I hereby on my own call it scam. I actually joined the program because I want to make money posting their adverts on my facebook pages, profile, groups, twitter, and google+ page but to my surprise when I receive my first earning from the work I did on Winthrills promoting the links, I almost cried.  I made N200.

This made me contact the WIN Admin and all he can tell me is that nothing is wrong with their crawler and I am the one who did not work well. He said I got what i worked for.

In short, the social media promotion aint working on Winthrills and if that is the main reason you want to join them, I will advice you to look for another place because Winthrills is not the land for you.


Winthrills are actually not scammers as they’ve processed about three different payments to me and I receive the payment though it took about 15 days which is already specified in the winthrills withdrawal page.

If you have lots of people who can upgrade and can also get people to join and upgrade to WINTHRILLS premium membership then this great program is for you as you will make lots of money.

If you don’t have anyone who you can refer or don’t join this program as you will be disappointed later.

Have You Joined Winthrills? What is your experience so far? Are they paying or not?

Please share your experience through the comment box.


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